A selection of promotional work

This video takes you on a journey into the future of healthcare speculation, featuring the groundbreaking project called “BioFlexo” by Sensoree. Supported by the Technical University of Twente, this project pushes the boundaries of healthcare innovation and explores potential advancements in the field.

This video offers a sneak peek into the captivating exhibition “Artemisia: Woman and Power,” held at Rijksmuseum Twente.

This video features an interview with the curator of an exhibition, along with a captivating glimpse into the ambiance of the exhibition itself, which showcases a diverse range of multidisciplinary art.

This video is a portrait made for as an advetorial for Dela, funeral insurances.

In this one-minute video, we invite you to explore the essence of IB academy, their vision, and what they stand for.

This video presents a collection of brides and bridal dresses, curated exclusively by Jolie, a renowned bridal shop located in Enschede, Twente.

This video is an authentic promotional video for minicampsite Albugue, located in the south of France.

This video is an authentic promotional video for minicampsite Albugue, located in the south of France.

Documentaire: Achter de horizon

In this teaser, we invite you to watch the self made documentary Achter de horizon (beyond the horizon), which is about exploring alternative lifestyles.

Achter de Horizon (Beyond the Horizon) is a documentary about a personal quest for alternative ways of life in Central America. Together with Marnix Smalbil, we were responsible for the direction and production. The production took place in 2017. To finance it, we raised 21,000 euros through crowdfunding.

People could also follow our journey through the weekly vlog that we kept.

BNN 3 op reis

I joined the production team of BNN’s television show called “3opreis Backpack” to create video content on the side. The project was in collaboration with BNN, a Dutch television broadcast station.

As part of the team, we worked on various aspects of the show, including filming, editing, and producing video content. Our goal was to provide viewers with an enhanced experience by offering behind-the-scenes footage, interviews, and exclusive content related to “3opreis Backpack.”